Do you have a solid background in senior local government management? Are you a high-achieving, proven business leader, capable of stepping into critical roles at short notice? Can you move away from home on a temporary basis, and provide your expertise and assistance to rural or remote councils? Would you enjoy taking on a Chief Executive/General Manager role, or as a Director or Senior Manager for a brief period of one to six months?

If this is you, please consider registering for inclusion in our Interim Placement Program.

An interim role offers some distinct advantages over full-time employment — it can:

  • Extend your career – by offering short and interesting assignments.
  • Fast-track your experience — you’ll have increased scope to work in different environments and specialities; and face varied challenges.
  • Enable effective outcome delivery — it’s often easier to get required results by not being a permanent member of staff, as you aren’t drawn into organisational politics and bureaucracy.
  • Expand your network — meeting more people leads to wider networks. Performing well in a role can bring referral work and build your profile.
  • Give you greater flexibility — assignments are usually for a short to medium term, enabling a greater life/work balance.

If you are interested in an interim role and have the LOCAL GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCE it takes, apply for our Interim Placement Program.


Forms received with no Local Government experience will not be considered for placements.