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Are you looking in the right place for productivity improvements?

23 April 2018

Most organisations these days are searching for greater efficiencies and effectiveness. For example, in the local government sector there is focus on service reviews. This is a process for assessing whether the council should be in a business, and if so, whether the service standards should...

Applying for a Top Job — how to make the shortlist

23 April 2018

At Blackadder Associates we firmly believe that ambition is a good thing. It’s what drives us to excel, it pushes us to complete tasks, meet deadlines, and even to try new endeavours. Some employers don’t like ambition – they worry about losing you to another...

One Small Cheer for the ‘Leader as Hero’

23 April 2018

We live in a world where the current definitions of leadership have a post-heroic connotation. The claim is that it is possible to be a leader without being a hero. The argument goes that heroic leaders are viewed as being omnipotent within the organisation, that their...

Succeeding at GM/Executive Interviews

16 April 2018

You're a little nervous. You're sitting in the Council chamber with the Mayor, Councillors, and me. Take a deep breath and remember you've already passed the first test — the shortlisting process. You are down to the last half dozen of thirty or more, well-qualified...