Review of the Organisational Structure

Blackadder Associates has a record of assisting Councils in organisational reviews, with a view to improving quality whilst driving down costs. Using a variety of innovative tools we can help your organisation reach its full potential.

Narrandera Shire Council

In March 2014 Blackadder Associates was engaged by Narrandera Shire Council to undertake a review of its Organisation Structure. With the retirement of the incumbent General Manager and the appointment of a new General Manager the Council sought to obtain a comprehensive evaluation to assist the incoming General Manager in shaping the future of the organisation.

During the review we: 
  • Evaluated the current staff structure, operations and adequacies and skills of the organization to meet current expectations and projected demands
  • Reviewed the relationships of each department with other areas of Council
  • Reviewed potential service delivery options and regional co-operative ventures
  • Examined and evaluated the roles of key positions
  • Undertook a VoiceProject engagement survey of most staff members
  • Undertook a high level review of the 26 functional areas and identified a priority program for Best Value Reviews
  • Recommended a contemporary preferred structure model

We presented the final report with its numerous findings and 93 recommendations. The Council adopted all recommendations and in accordance with one appointed a Task Group of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and General Manager to oversee the implementation of the recommendations.

Bland Shire Council

In April 2013 Blackadder Associates was engaged by Bland Shire Council to undertake a review of the Organisation Structure. The revised structure, including current staffing levels and service to internal customers, had to meet the objectives of Council’s current Community Strategic Plan and Workforce Assessment Plan.

During the review we: 
  • Reviewed options to make the structure leaner but still capable of effectively delivering current services and at the existing levels
  • Identified functions that were superfluous, or new functions that needed to be introduced
  • Identified the key / critical positions within the organisation and ensuring there was parity between these positions 
  • Ensured that all changes took into account the proposed restructure of NSW Local Government. 

Our review resulted in significant operating savings which enabled Council to become more financially sustainable.

Shoalhaven City Council

In 2013 Blackadder Associates undertook a review of the Shoalhaven City Council’s organisation structure with an emphasis on savings and efficiencies, and improvements to customer service. During this review we:

  • Developed a revised organisation structure which enabled Council to deliver financial savings
  • Prepared an Implementation Project Plan which provided for changes to Director and Manager level positions
  • Developed a Project Plan to consider and propose service delivery changes driven by a financial target set by Council
  • Submitted a Communication Plan to ensure all staff were kept informed of decisions and implementation progress
  • Developed models for Best Value Service Reviews and Competitive Tendering. 

As a result of this review we were able to provide Council with a transformation program with a target of delivering net savings of $6.5 million per annum. Council is now well on the way to implementing this program and realising the savings.

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