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The sessions you covered were an outstanding success. I’ve made much of the phrase “you never have to worry about recovering from a good start” and your role in seeing that was pivotal. All Councillors and staff that I’ve spoken to were unanimous in their praise of your efforts.
Michael Willis, former General Manager Shellharbour City Council regarding a Councillor Development program

Our Executive Director, Stephen Blackadder has a personal passion for executive development. Our programs are designed to help individuals and teams to grow, both professionally and personally, so they can maximise their true potential. 

We offer a range of leadership development services which have been designed for use by Councillors, General Managers, Senior Management and executive teams including:

Executive Team Workshops

We understand and appreciate that an effective Management Team requires talented individuals with a real sense of cohesiveness and we provide strategies and best practice tips on how to improve relationships within and across the team. 

We work with Hogan personality profiling to help team members gain a greater self-awareness of their individual leadership style and those of their colleagues in helping to deliver high performance. 

Coaching and Mentoring

Business leaders are increasingly using coaching and mentoring to improve performance and business outcomes. This kind of personal development program is designed to help both individuals and teams to grow, both professionally and personally, and to maximise their true potential. 

Our mentoring and coaching services can be used effectively by:
  • Executive and management team members
  • Star middle managers
  • Enthusiastic young professionals who want to learn quickly
  • Managers earmarked for leadership roles.  

Performance Management

Managing performance is at the heart of leadership. Councils must ensure community needs are being met, clear goals are in place performance is measured. Performance management operates at three levels:  
  • Council wide  - based on Community Strategic Plan outcomes
  • Departmentally  - through the Delivery Program
  • Individually - through General Manager and Director Performance Agreements.

We are highly skilled in the development of community strategic plans and have facilitated numerous General Manager performance agreements.  Let us help you develop an integrated performance management system that guides your leaders and meets your community’s needs.

Training and Induction

Councillors and senior managers may benefit from undertaking formal training and/or induction to give them the information, knowledge and skills to be able to perform their roles confidently and effectively. Our programs cover:
  • Newly-elected Councillors
  • Councillors who want to become more effective
  • Newly-appointed General Managers
  • General Managers who wish to become more effective
  • Senior managers who wish to upgrade their skills or to become General Managers.

Talk to our Leadership Development specialist, Stephen Blackadder to determine how we can help unpeel your team’s potential.

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