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Interim Management

Our work across Australia tells us that times are moving quickly and managers are moving even faster. Whether through retirement, organisation change or the greater mobility of the workforce, jobs for life are uncommon. When managers move on to other ventures they leave a temporary gap in the management team that must be filled.

Many Councils see the advantages of bringing in a highly experienced manager who can independently and carefully settle the organisation and provide the leadership necessary. A temporary or interim manager can:
  • take the pressure off existing staff 
  • provide independent leadership
  • give a sense of stability while the recruitment process is underway
  • focus on radical change if required.

As an experienced local government recruitment business, we have access to a pool of people already seeking a higher level leadership role, as well as those comfortable with a temporary assignment. We can make available highly experienced senior local government professionals with experience at General Manager or Director level for an immediate short-term (weeks) start or longer-term (months) assignments.

Talk to us now to determine how best to meet your Council’s needs.

If you have the experience it takes, apply to be on our database of Interim Managers.

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