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Blackadder Advantages

An Experienced Team

The Blackadder Associates Principal, Stephen Blackadder is a highly experienced local government practitioner who operates with a fundamental belief in the strengths of collaborative thought and involvement.

The business is supported by a team of associates who are expert in a diverse range of management service areas.

Our Philosophy

Blackadder Associates has a reputation for professionalism and creativity. The team is pragmatic and practical in its approach, but continues to keep abreast of new and emerging trends in local government management. We are prepared to challenge conventional thinking, but fully understand and appreciate the regulatory and political environment that local councils operate in.

Our Independance

As a specialist local government consultancy, Blackadder Associates provides independent and unbiased advice.

Service Quality and Responsiveness

The BA team understands how local government works, and realises that some assignments need to be delivered yesterday. We always strive to be available to assist emergency situations at short notice provided our commitments to existing clients are not compromised. We are committed to providing excellent results.

Committment to Local Government

Blackadder Associates is committed to a strong, independent and robust local government. We strongly believe that a healthy local government sector will build cohesive and sustainable communities. Stephen Blackadder is involved in a number of local government forums in a voluntary capacity, and has offered to provide unpaid advice and service to a number of key local government bodies.

Mayoral and General Manager Support

The BA team has a unique understanding of the role and function of local government and the importance of a strong relationship between the Mayor, General Manager and Councillors, built on trust and respect. We can offer a value added service by providing follow up assistance to the Mayor and mentoring processes to support the new General Manager.

Systems Partnerships

The BA team has a reservoir of formal systems developed as part of our work with local government that can maximise the performance of the Council, and the staff operating within. Our performance management processes are an example.

General Manager/Chief Executive Officer Perspectives

The BA team has benefitted from the past involvement of the Principal in the position of General Manager over 19 years, providing a unique advantage to client councils.

Organisation Change

The Blackadder Associates Principal knows and understands the dynamics of change, the importance of culture and the role of strategy in local government. We bring fresh and creative solutions to new problems.

The Widest Networks

The ultimate success of a consultant hinges on their ability to obtain and maintain a network of clients built on trust and respect. BA in its short history has become well known in local government for its service quality and price competitiveness.

News & Current Issues

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