Best Value Service Reviews

With Councillors and General Managers under increasing pressure to demonstrate they are driving up quality and driving down costs, Blackadder Associates is well positioned to conduct Service Reviews based on best value methodologies. 

Our extensive experience in reviewing internal and external services gives us the ability to find service delivery improvements by:

  • Independently challenging the logic and rationale for current service delivery and asking the hard questions
  • Understanding customer satisfaction levels with the way services are being delivered
  • Comparing performance data against best practice elsewhere
  • Promoting competitive alternatives to the way that services are delivered.

Our Best Value Service Reviews examine:

  • Customer satisfaction with services provided
  • Resource inputs and service outputs measured against industry benchmarks
  • Potential service delivery models, including in-house and shared services with other Councils
  • Market conditions for outsourcing services
  • Internal operational improvements (eg through business process re-engineering)
  • How technology can help boost productivity
  • Suitability of existing policies
  • The best use of assets
  • Linkages between service delivery and strategic planning tools
  • The capacity to manage change
  • Mechanisms for performance monitoring
  • Internal communication and how people will cope with change.

To find the best way to review your organisation, talk to Stephen Blackadder.

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