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Best Value Reviews

The  report of the NSW Independent Local Government Review Panel recommends amending the Integrated Planning and Reporting Guidelines to require councils to incorporate regular service reviews in their delivery programs and specifically mentions Best Value as a useful methodology to undertake these reviews.

We have significant experience in completing Best Value reviews in Australia, the UK and the US.

Review of Council Readiness for Best Value Reviews for Griffith City Council

Griffith City Council engaged Blackadder Associates in November 2013 to undertake a ‘Health Check’ and make recommendations to ensure that the organisation was well equipped to deliver improved efficiencies and effectiveness of service delivery. 

Our approach to this review of the organisation’s readiness for Best Value was to:- 
  • Review all of the major Corporate Documents such as the Community Strategic Plan, Four Year Operational Plan, T-Corp report etc. 
  • Meet with and survey the Mayor and Councillors 
  • Meet with senior and middle managers 
  • Interview managers and other staff using a guided survey 
  • Meet with the staff Consultative Committee 
  • Ensure that there was widespread communication about our brief to all staff 

From this ‘Health Check’ we identified a number of areas which needed to be addressed before any Best Value review is commenced.

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